Know more about the
wine you’re drinking

Tasting notes, accolades, ratings and reviews for thousands of South African wines.


Wine23 makes discovering, exploring and enjoying South African wine as easy as 1, 2, 3


1. Discover

Simply scan the wine label with your smartphone, or use our simple search to find the South African wines you love

2. Explore

View tasting notes, accolades and reviews from other Wine23 members

3. Enjoy

Buy wine directly from the winery to enjoy and share with your friends


See how Wine23 compares to other popular wine discovery apps and guides to South African wine

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All features free for consumers


Over 7000 South African wines


Consolidated ratings from all major SA wine competitions


Add your own ratings and view those of other wine lovers


Social reviews from other wine lovers


Buy wine directly from the winery for delivery in South Africa


5 Reasons to sign up for Wine23 today

  • #1 Learn more about the wine you’re drinking

    Tasting notes for over 7000 South African wines, directly from the winemakers themselves.

    Aggregate scores and awards from the major South African wine competitions to give you an average industry rating for each wine.

  • #2 Never be intimidated by a wine list again

    Use your mobile phone to search our database of South African wines - even if it’s not a fancy smartphone.

  • #3 Share your love of wine

    Add your own personal ratings and reviews and share these with other wine lovers.

    Follow your friends and see what great new South African wines they have discovered.

  • #4 Shop for wine with confidence

    Simply scan the label with your camera phone to access everything you need to know about thousands of South African wines.

    Wine ratings and reviews from friends and other wine lovers.

  • #5 Remember all the great new wines you taste

    Add a wine to your favourites with just one click.

    Create a wish list of wines you want to buy.

Why I launched Wine23

"Wine drinkers today simply have too much choice. They are confused, overwhelmed and even intimidated by the thousands of wines available.
Many of us in the industry have our noses too far up our wine glasses to recognize it.

That’s why I created Wine23.

It’s here to help wine lovers navigate the complex world of wine. Wine23 is quite simply a tool that helps the consumer easily choose and enjoy wine – to find the perfect wine, at the right price and to serve it with confidence."

Wade Bales

© 2015

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